Do’s and Don’ts of Casual Dating


Casual Dating is becoming more and more frequent in this day and age. Especially with to help you find regular partners! So we thought we would give you a few rules to abide by when causal dating.

–          Stay casual! Casual means no expectations, no commitments and no demands. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Know what you want, say what you want, and get what you want.

–          Casual dating isn’t really the way to go about finding a long-term relationship. Not that it doesn’t sometimes lead to one!  Make sure you share your desires with your date. There’s nothing to be gained by keeping them quiet!

–          Don’t talk about your other dates. Your date probably has more than one partner for casual dates too, so there’s no need to make your other liaisons public. Women find men who talk about their previous encounters a real turn-off.

–          Whatever happens, stay cool. Follow your instincts. If you don’t think it’s working out, say so. Politely, of course. And respectfully. You want to be treated fairly, too, don’t you? Being honest and decent is imperative.

–          Listen to your intuition. If things don’t feel quite right, maybe you’re picking up something on a subconscious level. Only when you feel at ease can you be responsive to your date. Casual dating should be relaxed, never forced. It’s about fun.

–          Casual Dating can be addictive! Thanks to the internet it offers new experiences again and again. Spend a bit of time browsing through and you’ll soon know the kind of dates you’re open for and those you’re not. Think about how far you want to go. Casual dating doesn’t represent the same things for everybody. The internet will help you decide what you want and need.

–          Above all make sure you set boundaries. Setting will ensure that each person knows and understands what the other person wants and avoid any confusion from either party.